Social Events in Denver


Let’s face it. Social events often leave something to be desired. From birthday celebrations to graduation parties, gathering in the backyard with party hats and chocolate cake doesn’t exactly entice the senses. Why not pick a venue that will thrill your party guests and give them the gift of a truly memorable experience? Axe throwing presents a unique challenge, an opportunity to learn a new skill that takes physical strength and attention to detail. It’s also a whole lot of fun!

Axe throwing may sound dangerous, but even teenagers can safely participate in the activity with proper training and precautions. Our staff of professional trainers are led by world champion competitor Tobias Macera. Before letting your party loose on the throwing lanes, one of these certified trainers will teach you the art of throwing down an axe whooping.

It’s easy to schedule a social event at our groundbreaking Denver facility, where guests will find 16 throwing lanes as well as our epic Wreck Room. Or, customers can opt to bring the birthday party home with our Axe Whooping mobile unit, which arrives stocked and ready to spice up any social gathering. Ready for some fun? Book an Axe Whooping event today!

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