Ring in the New Year with a Bang: Axe Throwing Edition


Ringing in the New Year means to welcome it; one way of doing that could be by sounding bells at midnight. Another way is axe throwing in Denver. This popular pastime has taken the world by storm and is an increasingly fashionable activity at birthday parties, stag/stagette parties, and romantic date nights.

As we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, why not usher in the upcoming year with a thrilling twist? Say goodbye to traditional celebrations and embark on an adventure that combines skill, excitement, and a dash of competitive spirit. Join us in exploring the unique and exhilarating world of New Year’s Eve axe throwing – a celebration that truly hits the mark!

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1. Axe Throwing: A Trendy New Year’s Tradition

Axe throwing has rapidly become a favorite New Year’s tradition across the country, providing a memorable team-building experience for friends and families and fostering stronger bonds among colleagues in a fun and thrilling atmosphere. This popular pastime requires focus and precision rather than brute strength; according to The Sauce’s report, axe throwing has become a trend among millennials due to their interest in self-sufficiency and old-school manual skills.

At axe-throwing venues, axe throwing may be their main activity of interest; however, many also provide other activities to round out an enjoyable evening. Some feature bars to help with drinks and snacks between throws, while others offer arcade games or bowling as an added dimension.

a. Indoor Axe Throwing – The Hottest Trend

   – Axe throwing has evolved from lumberjack pastimes to a trendy and accessible indoor activity.

   – Indoor axe throwing venues provide a controlled environment for an unforgettable experience.

b. The Axe Throwing Bar Experience

   – Picture this: hitting bullseyes while enjoying your favorite beverage.

   – An axe-throwing bar combines the thrill of the game with the ambiance of a social hangout.

2. Planning Your Axe-citing New Year’s Eve

Axe throwing has quickly become one of the hottest activities nationwide at bars and entertainment centers. A fun yet competitive way to boost adrenaline, axe throwing is suitable for people of all ages! Players pair up in two teams, taking turns throwing an axe at a target. To score points, you aim to land in either of the blue, red, or bullseye circles on your target: one point for every blue circle, three for red ones, and five if your axe hits one! In the event of a tie between teams playing against each other, an additional overtime throw is held before declaring a winner.

Apart from its physical benefits (such as providing a great workout and enjoyable laugh), axe throwing offers additional psychological and social advantages that go far beyond exercise and fun: improving mental focus and clarity, relieving anxiety, increasing self-confidence, and strengthening emotional resilience – not to mention improving problem-solving skills through fun engagement!

a. Booking Your Spot

   – Indoor axe throwing venues can get busy on New Year’s Eve, so plan and book beforehand.

   – Ensure a spot for you and your friends to ring in the New Year with some axe-traordinary fun.

b. Group Packages and Specials

   – Many venues offer group packages and New Year’s Eve specials.

   – Explore options for a unique and budget-friendly celebration with your loved ones.

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3. Safety First – A Fundamental Throw Pillar

Axe throwing may appear intimidating, but it’s an exceptionally safe sport. Whether playing alone or hosting an office event – safety must always remain your top priority! Below are a few pointers for ensuring a great night of axe throwing:

Start an axe throw by standing 12 feet from your target, behind the throwing line, with one hand on an axe that has a tight grip around its base handle and in your dominant hand with a tight palm grip that feels balanced against force carefully placed in dominant hand and then rotates quickly with quick rotation until reaching target!

The first step to hosting a successful tournament is ensuring your group has enough lanes. If your group is large enough, consider making a reservation to have dedicated lanes without sharing with other groups. Coaches can also be available to teach proper throwing techniques and assist in managing your tournament.

With practice and some safety rules in mind, you’ll soon throw an axe into the target! Before beginning throwing, however, make sure no one is behind or in front of your target, and keep at least a six-foot radius around you to prevent injuries from occurring.

a. Professional Guidance

   – Trained instructors guide participants on proper throwing techniques.

   – Safety protocols are a priority to ensure a fun and secure experience.

b. Equipment Standards

   – Venues maintain high standards for axe quality and maintenance.

   – Well-maintained equipment guarantees a smooth and enjoyable throwing experience.

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4. The Thrill of the Throw

Axe throwing is a fast-paced game designed to keep energy high and provide hours of enjoyable entertainment. Not only can axe throwing serve as a stress reliever and social activity, but it also encourages friendly competition among friends and colleagues. This fosters an atmosphere of exchanging cheers and encouragement among competitors and supporters alike! Plus, it makes for a great date time-out!

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a. Perfecting Your Technique

   – Learn the art of the throw – from gripping the axe to releasing with precision.

   – Axe throwing is a game of skill that rewards practice and finesse.

b. Friendly Competition

   – Organize a friendly competition among friends or family.

   – A little rivalry adds spice to the celebration, making it a memorable New Year’s Eve.

5. Axe Throwing – New Year Games Edition

Axe throwing can be an exciting sport, but it can also provide an incredible way to connect with family and friends, relieve stress, and stay active! Whatever level you may be starting at or whether you have experience as an experienced thrower, there will surely be something out there to suit all!

a. Countdown Challenges

   – Create axe-throwing challenges that sync with the New Year countdown.

   – Aim for the bullseye as the clock ticks down to midnight.

b. Resolution Targets

   – Attach resolutions or wishes to the targets for a symbolic throw.

   – Hit your goals as you hit the target – a unique way to start the year.

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6. Capture the Moments

a. Photo Booth Fun

   – Many axe throwing bars provide themed photo booths for memorable snapshots.

   – Capture the laughter, the throws, and the joyous moments with friends.

b. Commemorative Merchandise

   – Some venues offer New Year’s Eve-themed merchandise.


As the clock strikes midnight, imagine the exhilaration of hitting a bullseye and welcoming the New Year with a resounding cheer. Axe throwing in Denver adds a unique twist to the traditional New Year’s Eve celebration, creating memories that are both unconventional and unforgettable. So, gather your friends, book your spot, and prepare for an axe-citing start to the New Year. Here’s to hitting bullseyes and making 2023 a year filled with adventure and triumph – Happy New Year!

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