Meet Our Team

Curtis Roundtree

Owner & Operator

Hello, my name is Curtis Roundtree, and I am the proud owner and operator of Axe Whooping Axe Throwing and Rage Room. My journey into the axe throwing industry began after experiencing the exhilaration, camaraderie, and therapeutic benefits that this unique activity offers.

Upon recognizing my passion for the sport, I made the decision to leave my previous career, partner with a very knowledgeable friend and establish our very own axe throwing venue. This bold move allowed me to fully immerse myself in the industry and create a welcoming, engaging environment for both our dedicated team and valued customers.

At Axe Whooping, our primary focus is to facilitate memorable experiences for our guests as they bond with friends and family while enjoying the exciting challenges axe throwing presents. As the driving force behind day-to-day operations, I find great fulfillment in witnessing the joy and satisfaction our customers derive from their time at our venue. I look forward to welcoming you to Axe Whooping and introducing you to the exhilarating world of axe throwing.

Experience the exhilaration, camaraderie, and therapeutic power of Axe Throwing

Curtis Brannan


As the co-owner of our axe throwing establishment, I bring a lifelong of experience in interpersonal relationships and a strong belief in the principle of Cause > Effect. My lifelong work with people has honed my ability to understand and connect with others. I am drawn to axe throwing because it brings out the most genuine emotions from our guests, and witnessing their enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment brings me an immense amount of joy. The excitement that comes from seeing a first-time thrower land a bullseye is both fulfilling and a testament to the powerful impact this sport has on individuals.
Axe Throwing brings out the most genuine experiences I've ever witnessed.

Daniel Green

General Manager

I've been playing with knives, axes, and other sharp things since I was a kid. You could say axe (and knife) throwing is in my blood. I've been coaching for 7 years, axes for 3 of those. I love teaching trick shots, and seeing faces light up when they overcome their trepidation and become successful throwers.
Long time coach excited to help you win



They call me the Trailer Tamer (mobile axe throwing queen) I've been a coach for almost 4 years. I've been working at Axe Whooping for 3 years. My favorite trick shots are double Axe throws and my beautiful Toro cleaver! I chose to be a coach because I've always belonged to the outcasts and my customers that I love so deeply. My heart belongs to the experiences I share with my customers and fellow employees.
Let's make some memories!

Mandy Christ


Originally from Pennsylvania, my first trip to Axe Whooping had me hooked, and now I’ve been throwing for almost 3 years. I like tattoos, music, and FROGS! I have a pup named Yeti and a cat named Honey. New throwers are my favorite! As far as teaching goes, knives and trick shots are my bread & butter :)
Never be intimidated to try a new thing



I had just returned to Denver after traveling the country for 1 year. I wanted to become a coach to learn a new skill and to work on speaking in front of large groups of people. I'm also a musician, a live performance artist, and I host art events.
Whoop Some Axe

Sebastian "Seb" Gorklo


I was born and raised in Denver, and have a passion for photography, music and film. My first time throwing axes was with Axe Whooping, and I’ve been here ever since! I’m the most handsome man you’ll ever meet. My favorite trick shot is the can opener.
Learn to look good and throw even better



My name is Dylan, I started “officially” axe throwing after a friend of mine became a coach and got me into it. I enjoy martial arts and D&D when not throwing sharp objects.
Whoop Some Axe