8 Reasons Why Indoor Axe Throwing is The Best Way to Stay Active and Have Fun

Indoor Axe Throwing

When it comes to staying active and having fun, few activities are as rewarding and challenging as indoor axe throwing in Denver. This activity requires no special equipment or skill, and is perfect for people of all ages. The benefits of a throwing axe game are immense, not to mention that it’s just a straight up great time.

Read on to find out how this activity works, where you can find our axe throwing company, and how much it costs. Then, you’ll be ready to go out and try the best axe throwing in Denver!

1. If You Think You Can, You Will.

Whether you’re a seasoned axe-thrower or new to the sport, you’ll have a blast trying out this activity with friends. Axe throwing is not a game for the weak-hearted, but anyone can get involved. While it may not be a sport for everyone, the thrill of throwing an axe can calm your nerves and vastly improve your mood. You can try our indoor range for axe throwing in Denver.

2. You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

Axe throwing can be an excellent team-building activity for things ranging from a birthday party to a company outing and everything in between. Our Smash Room is a great way to get your team together and release stressful thoughts. Axe throwing is a private and safe way to keep fit and have fun. It also makes for a great date night activity. And, because you can play the throwing axe game with your friends in a group, you can all bring along dates to enjoy it.

3. It Gives You A Great Workout

Axe throwing is a great sport to engage in for a number of reasons. But best of all, it provides excellent cardio exercise. This is because lifting an axe into the proper flinging position requires you to engage muscles that are rarely used in everyday life. Additionally, the physical action of throwing an axe forward and making it stick to a wooden board requires an exceptional level of strength and endurance. Axe throwing is a competitive social activity that’s both fun and energizing.

4. Good Fun For A Good Cause

Our Rage Room in Colorado also promotes good vibes. Some of our events are friendly competitions, and we donate the proceeds to charity. Some people are so into this sport that they even make a living out of it. The NATF Wilson Cup awards over $16,500 in prize money and charitable donations. The WATL US Open has a $25,000 Prize Pool for those who would rather have a more competitive environment!

5. You Will Learn While You Play

If you want to keep active and have fun, then the axe throwing game is for you. Not only is it a great way to get out of your comfort zone, but it also helps to release negative feelings. Axe throwing is a great way to have fun in groups as well. You can go with friends, or find our local facility and join a league. While most people will just compete against each other, there are many benefits to joining a league for axe throwing in Denver. You can learn from experienced coaches and play in leagues with other elite axe throwers.

6. It Relieves All Your Stress

Apart from being a fun activity for the whole family, our axe-throwing bar can also be an excellent stress reliever and a fun way to hang out with friends. It’s also a perfect workout for different muscle groups, including the arms, legs, back, pecs, and abs. Not only does it give you a fun exercise, but it also gives you the mental boost you need to beat the workweek blues.

7. We Help You Have Inexpensive Fun

Axe throwing is one of the most popular hobbies, and it is relatively inexpensive to participate in a range. Depending on the distance travelled, our axe throwing bar can be a great way to meet new people or practice for a competition. We provide food and drink options to keep participants fueled during their sessions. We also host an axe throwing league for those who want to improve their skills.

A 1-hour axe throwing session will cost you around $29.99 per person, whereas a 2-hour session are available at a discounted $39.99 per person. Prior reservations are required, and we provide an axe throwing coach for assistance.

We also offer group events for 2-hour early-week sessions that are suitable for parties of 8 or more and will cost you an economical $28.00 per person. The timing and package are perfect for corporate events and group celebrations. However, these sessions are only available on Mondays and Tuesdays for 2 hours, and require reservations.

You can also enjoy our Rage Room in Colorado Springs to feel this exhilarating sport in its purest form, i.e., nonstop smashing your stress away for 15 straight minutes. The sessions require reservations, and you will be charged $25 per person. Breakables are also an additional fee, though you can bring your own objects to smash.

8. We Make Sure Its Safe

Whether you’re throwing axes outside or indoors, safety should always be the top priority. When choosing a throwing zone, make sure that it is free of obstacles, kids, or other players. Ensure that your throwing zone is parallel to the target board. Make sure that you wear proper protective gear when throwing. Also, keep the axe out of reach of children who should play the throwing axe game under the supervision of a trained professional.

When entering our axe-throwing bar, be sure to read the waiver. You’ll also want to make sure you have closed-toed shoes and follow the rules of the throwing room. A great way to ensure your safety is to avoid pointing the axe or making a gesture while throwing it. Make sure to stay inside the throwing lane at all times and always throw the axes straight if you want to avoid hurting someone.

You can enjoy the best axe throwing in Denver at Axe Whooping, located at 437 N Broadway, Denver, CO 80203. Call (303)AXE-TOSS.