Forget Clubbing and Dinner Party! Here’s A Game To Try On These 6 Occasions

No matter how much you love to party, there might have been times when you just gave up the thought of going out and partying! The youth in the USA are on the constant lookout for reasons to plunge into a world of gaieties after a tiresome day.

Despite this, there are times when you are full of beans, but not really in the mood to go out. Do you know why? Yes, you do! It’s blatant yet ignored.

Let’s speak out the reason aloud and let America know: We are bored of visiting the same places again and again!

Yes! Believe it or not, your list of the hippest, quaintest, and distinct places are limited to a few clubs and restaurants. The party scenes are wild, no doubt, but pubs, swanky cocktail bars, rooftop lounges, cabaret shows, jazz acts, opera performances, and live gigs aren’t the only elements that make a great party.

How about an axe throwing competition to experience the nocturnal charms of this historic game? Trust us, it’s the best pastime, and at times better than the bars, clubs, lounges, or beach parties. Here are a few occasions to experience axe throwing in Denver, embrace your wild side and party hard with your colleagues, family, and friends.

A Date to remember

Yes! You read it right. Aren’t you bored of the regular movie date, or the dinner date? If you really want to take your girlfriend out on a date that can offer her a panoply of chills, then axe throwing will be a great option.

Grab a pizza and hit Axe Whooping to experience a memorable date.

This is a date that you both are going to enjoy. Compete hard with your date or let him/her win to show your love (yes, couples actually do that). And worry not, you won’t get hurt. We will provide you a trainer to guide you before you both start throwing it with efficiency. Just take care that you don’t throw the axe while the trainer is still in the lane. The trainer will be with you and help you select among hatchet, tomahawk, or the splitting axes.

axe whooping Denver

It’s time to sweep your partner off their feet with some neat skills you learn from our trainers. Settling the best dress and shoes to wear, styling your hair, and selecting a spritzing perfume – of course, you will be flustered all day with the thoughts of making your date the best. Perform well at axe throwing in Denver, and watch your partner falling head over heels for you, despite the appearance.

An enthralling birthday party

You’ve planned your birthday for a whole week, and are still nowhere in the quest to organize the coolest party ever. How about introducing your friends to something that they have never experienced before? An axe-throwing facility in Denver offers an experience that boasts an exciting, fun, and unique birthday celebration.

Style your hair in a classic messy bob or a combination of high fade and loose pompadour, and call your friends for a night full of beers and axe throwing. What’s the fun in keeping your birthday low key at home? It’s time to think outside the box and let us host your birthday night. Drink as much as you want to! Just make sure to keep yourself sober enough to participate in the competition. Over intoxicated are not allowed to play.

Dump all the unconventional birthday party ideas and get your spot registered now. Our broad range of craft beers is sure to help you develop your palette. We offer you a place where you no more have to move out of the city to find the best place to party. Breathe some fresh air, cut the cake, and enjoy axe throwing Denver just like old-time Norse Gods.

A thrilling Bachelor party

The bachelor party you always dreamed of doesn’t necessarily have to be in Las Vegas, Bangkok, or Barcelona. Axe throwing in Denver combines the energy at Vegas, the happy atmosphere at Barcelona, and the fun in Bangkok, all in one place. Plan the perfect bachelor party before you get hitched. Get your headbanging on the sweet sound of the axe hitting the wood.

Denver axe throwing

The perfect guys night out with beers, food and, axe throwing, this is a pocket-friendly experience. The trainers help your group with adequate training before you can actually start enjoying the thrill. Set new heights together and give a tough competition to your friends. Embrace your wild side, maybe enter the Rage Room too. Suit up for battle, break stuff and relish the chilled beer after breaking things like dishes, cups, and fax machines.

Whoever said you have to travel far for a crazy bachelor party was a big fat liar. Axe throwing in Denver lets you experience an overdose of fun and adventure in Denver itself. Why spend money on expensive trips just for the sake of spending it? Your city has the best place that offers you an experience that you might not even get in Amsterdam or Ibiza!

Fun time with family

Famous as the mile-high city, Denver is one of the most preferred destinations by families to spend some quality time together. The hotels don’t burn a hole in your pocket, and the brewery serves your appetite. Bring your family to the city that remains exciting 24/7 and is home to the best breweries, outdoor adventures, and the best axe throwing facility.

Play it for fun or as a hobby that never gets boring. Participate in competition with other members of your family and see who matches the levels of the best one at the game. Oh, and it can be your spouse or even your children who excel in the game! It’s the perfect way to get your adrenaline-fueled and have a great time full of fun & laughter. Don’t worry, we don’t let you enter the arena unguarded or without any training. We have the best trainers who help make this activity fun and exciting for your family.

The environment at axe throwing in Denver is safe. We take all the safety precautions and teach you how to throw axes in a controlled environment. Following the rules are the utmost way to keep yourself safe while playing this game. We guarantee you to give the best time away from the daily chores, computers, and schools.

After a crummy day at work

A bad day at work can be daunting and one has to bounce back hard to ensure that work doesn’t affect your life. Bad happens to everyone, but it’s important to look at the bright side after the crummy day. While you are full of anger and the feeling to quit the job, it’s best to save the anger and visit a session of axe throwing in Denver.

Now that you have the sharp hardened steel axe in your hand, you are free to bring out your stress and unhappiness. After extensive training from our trainers, you are ready to feel empowered, confident, and happy again. Our axe throwing arena offers you the best spot to vent and rant out your frustration by throwing axes or participating in the Rage Room. Get it all out, and enjoy a beer before hitting the arena.

axe throwing

A get together with school friends

Your school friends are back in town, and you are searching for a place to host an unlimited drinking party or a party under the sun. Isn’t it cliché now? Well, here’s something new for you – axe throwing. Soothe your taste buds with an energetic session of axe throwing without any worries of harming a tree.

Axe throwing in Denver offers you the chance to feel the thrill of throwing axes just the way our ancestors did long ago. The staff takes the time to train your group until you are ready to cheer your heart out after throwing the axes. If you are still thinking that axe throwing is for the mighty fellows, then you may be wrong. Throwing an axe to hit the target is all about the stance.

At Axe Whooping, we have created the best arena for a get together with friends and throw axes to experience something new, fun, and compelling.

Axe Whopping can be fun and pleasant at the same time. It’s one of those sports that never got old, and currently has more than 3000 members worldwide. Hatchet, tomahawk, or splitting axes, you just need the right training to become a master, just like the old-time Norse Gods. Contact us now to get more information about walk-ins and reservations.