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The Best Axe Throwing Events & Parties at Axe Whooping

Looking for something new and exciting? We’ve all thrown darts, went bowling, or met at a bar. What’s better than grabbing some friends and throwing an axe?

Short answer: not much.

Come in and try out the growing sport. An excellent choice for team building, come in and blow off some steam together! Looking for an original bachelor or bachelorette party idea? Here ya go. A great place to get together and celebrate a birthday as well! Get your friends together and we’ll figure out who’s the best in a top score tournament! Enjoy discounted pricing with friends and family during the weekdays.

If you decide this is your new hobby, we also have leagues. Get together weekly and throw off to see who the best in the world is!

Gone are the days of boring corporate parties and ho-hum team building events. Denver is home to the largest axe throwing room in the state of Colorado, and Axe Whooping knows how to show our groups an unforgettable time. You won’t find a better venue for infamous bachelor parties or memorable birthdays. Need a ladies night out? We’ve got you covered. Even the kids can enjoy parties at Axe Whooping, with our family-friendly environment and safety expertise.

From duo standoffs to top-score tournaments, we can accommodate groups of any size. Call for more information or to book a tour of our one-of-a-kind axe throwing venue!

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Bachelor Parties

You live in Denver. Bachelor party ideas may seem easy to come by, but the more you look, the more they all seem to look alike. Come on, you’ve done the bar scene, and does anyone really want a hangover on their wedding day? Laying down an axe whooping never gets old, and this is one night that the guys will want to remember. Want to make things even more fun? Check out our Rage Room for an opportunity to destroy those last minute jitters - literally.

Bachelorette Parties

Denver bachelorette party ideas are traditionally about wine, cheese, and men in tights. Leave the drama behind, you are warrior women. Prove that no man will tie that bride down! Axe throwing is a truly memorable experience that with leave the whole wedding party laughing, unified, and ready for the big day. We recommend going for your manicures afterwards.

Birthday Parties

Getting ready to celebrate a milestone? Plan a birthday party that will make everyone feel younger! Whether you’re looking for a fun family get-together or a larger group party, we can accommodate your wishes and help you plan an exceptional event that will make lasting memories. Feel free to bring your own cake and ice cream to enjoy after your axe whooping. Book the birthday stud a session in the Rage Room for an extra surprise!

Corporate Events

Denver has a lot to offer, but let’s face it, no matter how beautiful the glassware at the hotel, corporate events are often drudgery. At Axe Whooping, closing the deal has never been so fun, and motivating the team has never been so simple. Your clients and co-workers deserve a good time. Give it to them with a truly distinctive corporate event, and watch your business grow.


Looking to make a difference for a good cause? At Axe Whooping, we love hosting fundraising events. With such a unique venue, it will be easy to attract a crowd and accomplish your goals. Contact us for more information about booking an outstanding fundraiser.

Kids Parties

After a few years of parties at local parks and attractions, it can be challenging to think of something unique to spice up your child’s birthday. The truth is, if he is responsible enough to cut his steak, he is probably responsible enough to wield an axe (minimum age 12). With tried and true safety techniques and top-notch celebrity coaches, even young people can plan a birthday party to remember at Axe Whooping. Put that on an invitation, and see what kind of response you get!

Team Building Events

Denver is home to some absolutely amazing organizations. What makes them truly great? Unity. But let’s face it, the stress of day to day operations can come between people, and sometimes a reset is needed to get everyone back on the same page. To build unity, your staff could attempt to detangle their 20th human knot, or you could break the mold and try something new. Axe throwing takes concentration and attention to detail (some good workplace skills!), but it also takes a little humility and a healthy dose of humor (when you inevitably miss a few times). Your staff will walk away with smiles on their faces and newfound appreciation for their co-workers after your Axe Whooping team building event.


So you’ve been throwing axes for a while, and you’re getting pretty good. Are you ready to prove your skills in an axe throwing league? Enjoy throwing on a weekly basis, and see how you match up with the best. There is nothing quite so satisfying as becoming a champion.

Looking to plan a remarkable event? Schedule a tour of our groundbreaking facility and see what sets Axe Whooping apart from any other event venue in Denver!