What Are The Benefits Of Learning How To Throw An Axe?

Axe Throwing

We talk to a lot of people at Axe Whooping. For many first-time throwers, we hear that they think the art of how to throw an axe is one of the most challenging skills they could possibly master. However, our championship-caliber coaches help those first-time throwers realize that the basic mechanics of indoor axe throwing are not all that hard at all! All you need is some patience, good mechanical form, practice and some determination to learn the secrets of this ancient sport.

So maybe you’ve decided you want to visit a hatchet-throwing bar but are intimidated about how to start. Don’t worry! If you are willing to listen to the advice of our coaches, and put in some time practicing, you’ll be able to hold your own against your friends (unless your friends happen to be WATL nationally ranked throwers). Really, once you learn the basic mechanics, and learn how to make adjustments to your throwing motion, you’ll be ready to start out with a quarterly axe throwing league and really begin to take your game to the next level.

Many people look at axe throwing as one of the most rewarding “easy to learn, difficult to master” skills, so hear are 3 reasons why you might want to jump into the exciting new world of axe throwing in Denver!

Your Build Up Your Dexterity and Fine Motor Skills

Axe Throwers regularly talk about how their “throwing touch” is the most important skill that they develop. This stems out of perfect muscle control so that they consistently strike the target with the right part of the axe tip or blade, right on the mark. It’s exciting to know that axe throwing is not a sport that requires vast amounts of brawny strength, as long as you develop proper technique. In fact, some of our best coaches are 5’-something ladies who can wipe the floor with the competition at our axe-throwing bar!

You Get A Confidence Boost

The second benefit of this axe throwing is a significant boost to your confidence. The rush that our customers get from hitting multiple shots in a row is unbelievable. With regular practice, you will get used to striking the target, regardless of whether you’re here at our axe-throwing bar or in a local tournament. And think about this – the confidence you can build at Axe Whooping can follow you into “the real world.”

You Build Up Overall Strength

The third benefit is probably the most fun and healthy. Learning how to throw an axe is good for your overall health because it does build up your core and arm strength. While you don’t need a ton of arm strength to get good at throwing, you will be building up your arm strength so you can throw more consistently, reliably, and for longer times (so you can earn your place on ESPN’s nationally televised tournament)!