Now Serving Beer at Our Denver Location

So it's a Friday night, and you need something to do. Instead of just sitting in a barstool bored out of your mind, have that drink at Axe Whooping! Beer on tap + awesome axe throwing = an amazing night with new and old friends.

Now we've got a stocked selection of awesome beer available to all of our 21+ axe throwing aficionados, so your axe throwing experience just stepped up a big notch. So now, when you're learning how to hit a bullseye, do it with a pilsner waiting when you're done.

We're planning on regular drink specials, so make us your regular evening spot!

There is not much more relaxing, freeing, or exciting in this world than polishing off a few cold ones, polishing the sharpened edge of an axe, and flinging it through the air, combining athleticism and skill while releasing your instinctual Viking spirit.

We have a wide variety of beer available, so whatever you fancy our skilled beermongers will be able to help satisfy your thirst, while you prepare to satisfy that deep urge to fling a sharp metal woodcutting tool through the air in an awesome display of Viking warrior prowess.

Come check out the BRAND NEW Bar at Axe Whooping Denver!

What's Better than Axe Throwing? Axe Throwing with a Beer!

  • Bryan R Review for Axe Whooping
    Great place! Met the manager Joe, he showed me all the tips and tricks so we could whoop all the axes. All the coaches we awesome, spent a lot of time with everyone throwing to ensure a safe and enjoyable time. Can't wait to go back!
    Bryan R.
  • Jo S Review for Axe Whooping
    Curtis was awesome. He showed us how to throw the axes, showed some tricks and had us play games. So much fun!!
    Jo S.
  • Shains S, Review for axe whooping
    Really fun time! We started about an hour before closing and they didn’t rush us at all. Tobias was very attentive, taught us some games, and helped keep score for us! Awesome impromptu outing and excited to try the “Wreck Room” as well.
    Shaina S.
  • Jessie M, Review for axe whooping
    Such a fun time. Axe throwing is something I've always wanted to try. the staff is great and makes sure you're ready to kick some axe!
    Jessie M.
  • Stephanie R' Review for Axe Whooping

    We were killing time between hotel checkout and flight and came upon this place. We had a group of 6 and just walked in. We were all newbies having never thrown before. What fun! We all had a blast and the instructors/owners were so friendly and helpful! We are all hooked! So much fun! If we are ever in Denver again, we will be back!

    Stephanie R.
  • Sierra S.
    Whether you’re looking for a fun and unique date night or looking to become an axe throwing pro this place is awesome and totally exceeded my expectations. My group and I had so much fun! The staff was awesome and so patient with teaching us! It really made the whole experience. We will definitely be back!
    Sierra S.
  • Jason V.
    Very fun place! Super helpful staff and simple to enjoy with friends. A great thing to mix into a Denver date or fun with a group.
    Jason V.
  • April Marie L.
    Best experience ever!!! Please try this it is so much fun and they have a rage room and don’t forget ladies your actual ring teacher is fine as heck.
    April Marie L.
  • Joel P.
    Very cool. The evolution goes like this. 70’s bowling night, 80’s dart/billiards night, 90’s Trivia night, 2k bar poker, 2kteen escape room, 2k20 Axe throwing. It will be the next great group night activity.
    Joel P.
  • Kristina P.
    Picked Axe Whooping because it was open earlier in the day than other axe throwing places. Will come back because the place is awesome. Staff is great. Location is fantastic. Can't wait to come back. Highly recommend. So much fun!! If you're considering axe throwing, I have some words of advice.... DO IT and DO IT HERE!!
    Kristina P.