Axe Throwing Techniques and Tips for Beginners

Axe Throwing Safety precautions

The exciting world of competitive axe throwing is growing by the day, with more people enjoying this ancient Viking sport all over the world. The rising popularity of this thrilling contest can be attributed to the fact that it allows the participants to feel an adrenaline rush without having a near-death experience.

Everybody can agree that when someone throws an axe towards a target, they look like a total badass. However, hitting the bullseye one time does not a legendary axe thrower make. It is with discipline and training one develops the ability to consistently nail their target, rising above the rest and becoming a true legend amongst men and women.

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Here is a beginner’s axe throwing guide that covers everything from picking the right axe to throwing it with perfection to help you become an axe throwing legend whose tale will be retold across the ages.

How To Build An Axe Throwing Target?

Each target is made of three layers of wood.

  • 1st layer – Covers the wall in OSB or plywood.

  • 2nd layer – Backboards (4 feet long 2” X 10” boards arranged horizontally)

  • 3rd layer – Target Board (4 feet long 2” X 10” boards arranged vertically)

  • Header – 4 feet long 2” X 10” board drilled on top of the target against the backboard.

  • Footer – 4 feet long 2” X 10” board drilled on the bottom of the target against the backboard.

The end product is 4 feet X 6 feet backboard with the target perfectly in the middle.

Axe Throwing Target Design

Approved official stencil/protractor for etching the perfect target design as follows:

  • 4’ x 6’ Backboard

  • 5 Ring Design With A Bullseye And 2 Killshots

  • The Bullseye: 1.5” Diameter, Red With Black Outline

  • The Killshots: 1.5” Diameter, Blue With Red Outline, Placed In The 1 Point Ring

Looks way too complicated to be your next DIY project? No problem, you can still get in on the Axe-Throwing fun! We can bring the Axe Whooping Mobile Unit to you.


The key to achieving a natural axe throwing rhythm lies in learning the game’s fundamental rules and trying your hand at it as much as you can. Practice, practice, practice is the only way to consistently improve. Success is leased, not earned, and rent is due every day.

Once you get in the groove, you can quickly learn new axe throwing techniques and customize them to your liking or even come up with whole new axe throwing techniques!

Now that you know the basics of axe throwing, you’re already halfway to throwing axes accurately and with perfect consistency. The only thing left to do is becoming a regular at your nearest axe throwing lane. Come check out Axe Whooping, Colorado’s premier axe throwing venue. We have convenient locations in both Boulder and Denver! Book Now!