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Axe Throwing League

8 Weeks of Exhilarating Competition

Axe Whooping is proud to host officially sanctioned WATL Axe Throwing leagues. Sign up for one of the 2 available nights & join the Axe Throwing Elite.


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The cost is only $109.99 for the entirety. With that, you get 4 matches on your night for 7 weeks and then playoffs on the 8th week. The winner has a shot at making it to the World Championship on ESPN and winning the cash prize as well. The Axe Throwing community is amazing and you will already feel like a winner just by joining a league. The competition is an added bonus of fun.

Fall League

September 22nd – November 19th

Sundays at 11:30AM or Tuesdays at 7:00PM

(Each night is its own entity with its own champion. You cannot switch nights once the leagues have started.)