Axe Throwing Game – An Ultimate Stress Buster!

Axe Throwing

There’s this one thing that creeps up on all of us unexpectedly and stays for days, weeks, months, and even years. It’s contagious and can wreak havoc on others whenever you can’t hold it inside any longer.


What if we tell you there’s another way to relieve your stress? Try playing indoor axe throwing once whenever you feel stressed, and you will feel like a totally different person when you step out from Axe Whooping – the largest indoor axe throwing facility in Colorado!

Axe throwing has become popular in recent years and has progressed across multiple countries. You might be thinking about: “Why would anyone want to throw axes at a piece of wood when they’re stressed?”

Axe throwing is a contemporary form of exercise that requires you to engage with other people like you and have some fun time in a relaxed atmosphere, releasing your tension.

Let us give you 5 logical reasons why you should try axe throwing.

1. Axe throwing is like doing a physical exercise

Axe throwing is a full-body exercise that uses your arms and legs to throw an axe in a fluid movement.

According to science, whenever you perform a physical exercise, your body releases endorphins – a chemical that acts as a natural painkiller. More endorphins mean you have more energy and feel great after throwing some axes.

Coming back to the main point, axe throwing is a great way to get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing, that keeps your stress at bay, making you feel better and healthy. You can also feel some extra muscle tissue on your hand after some time, as it mainly works on your shoulders and core muscles.

2. Enables to relieve your tension

Just to inform you this: Axe throwing will undoubtedly cost less than your therapist consulting fees.

The next time when you’ve had a bad day at the office or had an awful dispute with your wife, try throwing a heavy metal into a chunk of wood and feel the difference.

Also, the relaxed environment and the visceral experience of hurling axes at a target is known to calm your nerves.

3. Gives you an ultimate bonding experience

Going to an axe throwing tournament with your buddies is a great way to increase your bonding. It’s the best choice to have some bro time rather than sticking to your computers indoors.

It gives you a more manly and accomplished feeling as you go in a group and release all the bad thoughts that you’re holding for some time now. The next time, bring your coworkers, families, or friends to a game of axe throwing.

4. Offers judge-free rooms

The best thing is that there’s no one to judge you here since you’re all alone in a room. Here, you’ve no pressure to be perfect and no judgemental eyes following you. It’s the best place just to let yourself loose and have fun.

Axe throwing rooms will inculcate some positive vibes and send an adrenaline rush every time you hit the target. You can even be a part of friendly competitions, encourage and cheer for each other.

5. Participate in tournaments and win prizes

Many people wish to turn their hobby into a profession and participate in tournaments and earn prizes. As a matter of fact, the prize pool for winning NATF’s Wilson Cup is $25,000, along with a donation to charity.

The WATL US Open offers prizes of $500 for third place, $750 for second place, and first place gets the WATL Champion ring along with a $5000 prize. Sounds great, isn’t it?

6. Axe throwing will make you look like Khal Drogo

We are referring to a video that got viral where Khal Drogo was spotted throwing axes. We are also including all the strong ladies who wish to have a taste of hurling axes.

Last but definitely not the least, axe throwing helps in maintaining your cardiovascular health and improving your blood circulation. This enables you to feel like a real fighter and stay ready for anything life throws at you.

We are assuming that the sixth reason was better enough to convince you. If you’ve already made up your mind, there’s nothing wrong with trying someday.

Let us give you other reasons to switch to axe throwing!

Celebrate your Special Day in a Unique Way

Throw axe throwing events since it’s a unique way to celebrate your special days. It’s a great place to host private and personal occasions as it gives a special touch to your traditional way of celebrating your birthdays or corporate parties.

Axe throwing is the best choice to enjoy a solo company or treat your friends and office colleagues. If you’ve some important clients and want to leave a long-lasting impression, nothing is better than introducing them to a different experience altogether. We even have a smash room to relieve you from that extra dose of tension or anger.

You need to make your reservation in advance and secure your spot to get access to professional coaches to assist you in learning the sport.

We charge the following:

1 Hour Axe Throwing Reservation – $29.99/person
2 Hour Axe Throwing Reservation – $39.99/person
2 Hour Early Week Axe Throwing Reservation – $28.00/ person
Rage Room – $25.00/ person

Disclaimer: Early week bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance. If it is within 24 hours of the start time, call us at 303-AXE-TOSS for availability. You can check if we’re available in Denver and Boulder by checking our website.

You can also book the Mobile Axe Whooping Unit for your next birthday party, bachelorette/bachelor party, wedding reception, corporate event, fundraising event, or just for fun.

Before making your bookings for our axe throwing session, make sure you’re aware of the following rules:

  • No open-toed shoes.
  • Never carry axes past the ‘Throw Zone’
  • Don’t throw axes until each person is ready.
  • No whining about the wood or axes, it’s not the equipment’s fault.
  • Keep hands off the chain link fence.
  • Inform staff immediately of loose or damaged equipment & wood.
  • No throwing with excessive force.
  • No throwing while an individual is in the throwing lane.
  • Absolutely no outside alcohol.
  • Over intoxicated patrons will be asked to no longer play.

For all the Groupon purchasers:

Refunds are not provided for cancellations or no shows. Store credit will be provided if cancellation is made 48 hours outside of the appointment. Even though Groupon users are pre-booking appointments, the rates paid on Groupon are comparable to walk-in rates and are therefore subject to walk-in terms.

Over to you!

Throwing axes may sound like a disorderly way to relieve stress, but you cannot deny the fact that it’s just what makes it more fun.

As the chaotic year ends, it’s the best way to leave your stress behind and indulge in a fun axe throwing night in Denver and Boulder. We will help you to throw your worries with every axe you hurl at your target.

It’s the much-needed break that everyone needs after a hectic WFH schedule. So, come with your friends and families and compete with each other over some food and drinks together.

Considering the current pandemic, we are taking all safety measures to keep you and our employees safe. You can also experience the therapeutic effects of our Rage Room and indoor axe throwing. Enjoy smashing different items into oblivion and feel the stress melt away! Visit us today!