From Nordic Gods to Native American warriors, the vivid history of axe-throwing has always been bold and courageous. Before modern weaponry, real heroes carried axes. These were wood and stone works of art, often fashioned with their own hands, and the craftsmen knew how to use them. Even the mention of throwing an axe seems to incite a heroic mental picture of some muscular, historic figure. The common theme? They were pretty much all axe whoopers.

Fast forward a few thousand years, and the same fearless blood that flowed through the veins of battle axe-wielding titans still flows in those fearless men and women who dare to step foot on the battlefield, or the throwing floor. Even young champions can find the courage and strength to hit the target. At Axe Whooping, we simply give you the training, the tools, and the safety gear to accomplish it..

Whether you are a viking incarnate or a nooby looking to master your skills, Axe Whooping has some of the top axe throwers in the world to help you channel your inner warrior and have you hitting bullseye. Whether you want to walk in and start throwing at the largest indoor axe throwing facility in Colorado, or want to book your time and secure your coach, we always have time for you to get in your axe whooping!

The largest indoor axe throwing facility in Colorado!

Axe Whooping is home to the largest Axe Throwing Range in Colorado. Located on Broadway, just across from Banded Oak Brewery, you can't miss us when looking for the orange building. (Free Customer Parking Available)

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