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About Axe/Hatchet Throwing Bar for Parties – Axe Whooping

History of Axe Throwing Bars

Axes and hatchets have been around for thousands of years and served many different purposes.

To visualize these uses the first two things that come to mind are old time Nordic Gods with battle axes and the more modern plaid-clad lumber jacks taking down huge trees for a more familiar visual. Either way you look at it their are many different types of axes as there are historical uses.

Origin – Competitive & Recreational Axe Throwing
The sport of Axe Throwing was invented by ancient Celts in Europe and has been very popular in Nordic countries ever since. The Europeans then provided the Native Americans with Tomahawks in which they used for battle and everyday tasks such as  hunting and wood splitting. Fast forward to 2011,  the first ever in door Axe-throwing bar was created in Toronto Canada and spread like wildfire all over Canada and the United States.

Nowadays Axe Throwing is for Everyone.
Whether you are throwing for a birthday party, corporate event or just looking for something fun to do on a Saturday night with friends, at least now you can be the one to give a little history behind the sport of Axe throwing.

Axe Throwing Leagues in Axe Throwing Bars –

How popular is Axe Throwing?
There are two major associations that facilitate competition between axe throwing clubs.

WATL – World Axe Throwing League
This league was formed to unite Urban Axe Throwing facilities from around the world under one professional Axe Throwing Association. This league is now being broadcast on ESPN 2

NATF – National Axe Throwing Federation
This league has over 3000 members worldwide and counting. This league seeks to unify competitors, promote safety and standardize rules.

Types of Axes in Axe Throwing Bars –

  • Hatchet – This is the most common Axe used in most recreational axe throwing establishments. They are light weight and easier to get the hang of as a beginner.
  • Tomahawk – These axes are also very light and the blade is more thin the the hatchet.
    They are also very common in recreational axe throwing
  • Splitting axes – Usually for more heavy duty tasks such as cutting down trees and splitting logs. This Axe can be used in the NATF and a throwing axe.