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Courageous (adjective) : brave, heroic, bold, daring, adventurous
It’s time to unlock your inner warrior - and have an unforgettable time doing it.
Before modern weaponry, real heroes carried axes. These were wood and stone works of art, often fashioned with their own hands, and the craftsmen knew how to use them. From Nordic Gods to Native American warriors, the vivid history of axe-throwing has always been bold and courageous. Even the mention of throwing an axe seems to incite a heroic mental picture of some muscular, historic figure. The common theme? They were pretty much all axe whoopers.
Fast forward a few thousand years, and the same fearless blood that flowed through the veins of battle axe-wielding titans still flows in those fearless men and women who dare to step foot on the battlefield, or the throwing floor. Even young champions can find the courage and strength to hit the target. At Axe Whooping, we simply give you the training, the tools, and the safety gear to accomplish it.
Best in the Business
One of the world’s top ranking masters of axe throwing, Denver native Tobias Macera is truly the best in the business. He and co-founder Curtis Roundtree established Axe Whooping in 2019, and it has quickly become one of Denver’s most popular thrill-seeking hangouts and most sought-after venues. With the largest throwing room in the state of Colorado, Axe Whooping offers more lanes, more room to throw, and more fun. You may even catch a glimpse of a master or two getting in a little practice.
Indoor Axe Throwing
While axes have been around for millennia, utilized first as tools and later as weapons, the art of indoor axe throwing is a relatively new innovation. A few bored Canadians came up with the idea in 2006, totally unaware that the sport would quickly become wildly popular all over the world. But it’s not hard to see why: throwing an axe is exciting, challenging, a little bit dangerous, and entertaining to do with friends. From individual training sessions to group events, just about everyone who tries it is hooked on axe throwing.
Denver is home to a thriving population of adventure seekers, and Axe Whooping caters to that itch. We meet a steady stream of individuals who are new to axe throwing, company groups who are looking for a fun outing, and parties of birthday bashers looking for a great time. Whether you are an experienced veteran or brand new to the art, our expert coaches will help you improve your throw and up your game. For those who discover their favorite new hobby in wielding an axe and want to express themselves competitively, joining a league is the natural next step. Yup, you will find those here.
Interested in booking a standout event? We’ve got you covered. From bachelorette parties to corporate team builders, we can accommodate just about any type of gathering.
Dedication to Safety
At Axe Whooping, we are committed to making sure your experience is as safe as possible. That starts with a facility designed with safety in mind, from the width of the lanes to the composition of the flooring. Our staff of experts train every new thrower in the art of hitting the target, unscathed. Yeah, we also have a few house rules (you’ll probably want to read them before you come).
Whether you are simply looking for a fun night out, or itching for your next big thrill, get ready. The battle is on, and your potential is just waiting to be realized. It’s time to lay down an Axe Whooping.

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  • Groups can include 2 to 20 people
  • 2 hours of Axe Throwing

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  • Axe Throwing Coach included
  • Groups can include 2 to 20 people
  • 2 hours of Axe Throwing

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  • Protective gear provided
  • Relieve Stress, Have Fun
  • Bring your own objects for smashing or purchase from us

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Corporate Events

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Social Events

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Jenny D.

Went to Axe Whooping & couldn’t have been more pleased. The staff trained us newbies & very shortly we were throwing with some efficiency. The Group I was with not only had a blast, but we will definitely be going again very soon. Thanks Axe Whooping! You guys are too notch!

Nate L.

This was my first time ever attempting axe throwing. Not only did the staff take their time to train me, but also turn me Into a axe throwing master. Once the first axe split the center, I knew NEO was not the ONE.. it was surely me. Thanks Axe Whooping! I will definitely be back again!