Now serving BEER at Denver and Englewood locations. Axes and cocktails make a night to remember!


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*Reservations will now include an 18% Gratuity, to be added to the total cost of the session. $34.99 for 2 hour sessions apply to groups of 6 or more.


Let out your inner rage

Experience the therapeutic effects of our Rage Room. Enjoy smashing different items into oblivion and feel the stress melt away!

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  • J W
    Took my date for axe throwing. She loved it. The staff is attentive and spent as much time during the session to assist with improving her skills. I frequent the establishment at least once every couple of months and the experience is consistent. Highly recommended for something out of the ordinary and loads of fun.
    J W
  • Tonya B
    My boyfriend and I enjoyed Axe Whooping and would totally recommend it for family, couples, girls night or guys night! Our coach was Sébastien and he was fun and patient. He gave us a lot of tips and even brought out ninja stars for us to throw. We made a reservation for one hour and ended up extended for another because we were having so much fun. Oh and they have great beer, too!
    Tonya B
  • Sara N
    Great activity for work groups! We had such a blast! Our faces hurt from laughing and smiling so much! Can’t wait to go back.
    Sara N
  • Blake J
    First time axe thrower - what a great time! I thought that this would be very challenging to even get an axe to stick proper in the wood, but it’s surprisingly easy and can be done consistently. Sebastian did a great job teaching us how to throw, making us feel welcome, and helping us have a good time. After we learned to throw he set us up tracking points in a game not unlike darts, which carried us through the night. It’s everything bowling wants to be and much more, in terms of a social gathering “thing to do”. Highly recommended!
    Blake J
  • Josh K
    Eric was an epicly patient teacher, but kept leveling up the challenges if we passed. Happy to say I'm ready to throw sharp things if the apocalypse happens thanks to him!! Seriously though, great staff, great vibe, cool building, best layout, sharp stuff to throw and cold drinks... All the wins!!!
    Josh K
  • tracy moritz
    We had an absolute blast! Our gal was great. I would recommend this to everyone! Even if you don't think you would enjoy it. Give it a try. We had a couple of ladies in our group that ended up having too much fun. They didn't even think they would participate! Definitely will be back
    tracy moritz
  • steph Washko
    Had a great experience. I did the rage room with some friends, to smash into the new years. We had a great time. Amanda was awesome helping us.
    steph Washko
  • Marissa Walters
    Wow! What an amazing time we had throwing axes today. We celebrated my birthday and Al made it even better. She guided us thru each instrument and engaged us in some fun games. She was informative and funny. I highly recommend Axe Whooping!
    Marissa Walters
  • Nichole J
    We had so much fun!! Staff were amazing, friendly and helpful! We enjoyed throwing so many different “weapons” and playing the games suggested by our coach! Can’t wait to come back again.
    Nichole J
  • John Funk
    We had a team event at Axe Whooping with 15 people and everyone had a great time. It was a great way to get together outside the office for some fun! Joe and the crew made sure we had a great time. They got us all started and guided us through some fun games, had us throwing all kinds of stuff, and even showed us some trick shots! We had an awesome time!
    John Funk
  • Kimberly Berke
    Axe Whooping was a great place to host our company holiday party! They were so great at coordinating and being flexible on timing and # of attendees. Once we got there, they were super engaging and attentive. They did a wonderful job of balancing structure with free time and allowing the group to flow however felt best. Would definitely recommend!
    Kimberly Berke
  • Sandi Bruha
    We had a great time. Amanda was amazing, such a great coach, and made all of us newbies feel comfortable. She is very knowledgeable, and it was a pleasure having her help us! We will definitely be back! Thank you, Amanda!!
    Sandi Bruha
  • Joel Skoglund
    It was awesome, I brought my kid from college there with my wife and we have great pictures of the time we spent. The young woman who walked us through the games was outstanding! She really made us feel welcomed and was so down to earth. It's because of that we will return and I will tell my other friends of this place!
    Joel Skoglund
  • Kristina P.
    Picked Axe Whooping because it was open earlier in the day than other axe throwing places. Will come back because the place is awesome. Staff is great. Location is fantastic. Can't wait to come back. Highly recommend. So much fun!! If you're considering axe throwing, I have some words of advice.... DO IT and DO IT HERE!!
    Kristina P.
  • Joel P.
    Very cool. The evolution goes like this. 70’s bowling night, 80’s dart/billiards night, 90’s Trivia night, 2k bar poker, 2kteen escape room, 2k20 Axe throwing. It will be the next great group night activity.
    Joel P.
  • April Marie L.
    Best experience ever!!! Please try this it is so much fun and they have a rage room and don’t forget ladies your actual ring teacher is fine as heck.
    April Marie L.
  • Jason V.
    Very fun place! Super helpful staff and simple to enjoy with friends. A great thing to mix into a Denver date or fun with a group.
    Jason V.
  • Sierra S.
    Whether you’re looking for a fun and unique date night or looking to become an axe throwing pro this place is awesome and totally exceeded my expectations. My group and I had so much fun! The staff was awesome and so patient with teaching us! It really made the whole experience. We will definitely be back!
    Sierra S.
  • Stephanie R' Review for Axe Whooping

    We were killing time between hotel checkout and flight and came upon this place. We had a group of 6 and just walked in. We were all newbies having never thrown before. What fun! We all had a blast and the instructors/owners were so friendly and helpful! We are all hooked! So much fun! If we are ever in Denver again, we will be back!

    Stephanie R.
  • jessie
    Such a fun time. Axe throwing is something I've always wanted to try. the staff is great and makes sure you're ready to kick some axe!
    Jessie M.
  • shaina
    Really fun time! We started about an hour before closing and they didn’t rush us at all. Tobias was very attentive, taught us some games, and helped keep score for us! Awesome impromptu outing and excited to try the “Wreck Room” as well.
    Shaina S.
  • jos
    Curtis was awesome. He showed us how to throw the axes, showed some tricks and had us play games. So much fun!!
    Jo S.
  • Bryan R Review for Axe Whooping
    Great place! Met the manager Joe, he showed me all the tips and tricks so we could whoop all the axes. All the coaches we awesome, spent a lot of time with everyone throwing to ensure a safe and enjoyable time. Can't wait to go back!
    Bryan R.