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Our NEW Boulder location is NOW OPEN!

Here at Axe Whooping the safety of our customers is our top priority. We have been closely monitoring the progress of COVID-19 here in Denver and we have been talking with experts as to what are the appropriate next steps to take should be.

After consulting with these experts, we have implemented the following plan as we reopen on June 3.

General Safety Standards

  • All Axe Whooping employees will wear face masks and gloves, and gloves will be refreshed after every group
  • All common areas will be sanitized hourly by employees, and all axes and targets will be sanitized after completion of use by each group
  • Social distancing in our 10,000 square foot venue will be maintained by keeping one full lane between each group
  • If you are bringing your own throwing axes, you must allow a member of our staff to sanitize them, before they may be used in our throwing lanes. For the time being, double-bit axes are not allowed.
  • Each participant entering our Broadway location will have their temperature taken by a laser thermometer
  • Sanitizing wipe dispensers and hand sanitizer stations will be available to everyone throughout our facility

When You Arrive

With our new safety standards, our procedures for groups enjoying an awesome time of Axe Throwing are changing. Each reservation will begin precisely when scheduled, and will end precisely when scheduled, even if your group is not fully ready to go. This is to ensure that we have a proper amount of time between reservations to perform our required cleaning and sanitation regimen. In addition, we will be following these steps for each group coming to Axe Whooping:

  1. Your group must arrive together and assemble outside of our facility. Once your whole group is present, contact us at (303) AXE-TOSS and let us know you are all here.
  2. Your coach will let your group into Axe Whooping and lead you to our washrooms. Each member of your group must wash their hands before you will be allowed to handle our throwing axes.
  3. Your group's coach will lead your group to their throwing lane, explain our safety procedures, and sanitize your throwing axes for you.
  4. Enjoy an amazing and safe time with your friends!
  5. Once your group reaches the end of your reservation time, your coach will walk your entire party out.

Current Pricing


2 Hour Axe Throwing

$39.99/ person

Reservations Required

  • Axe throwing coach
  • Groups can include 4 to 8 people
  • 2 hours of axe throwing

1 Hour Axe Throwing

$25.00/ person

Reservations Required

  • Axe throwing coach
  • Groups can include 4 to 8 people
  • 1 hour of axe throwing

2 Hour Early Week

$28.00/ person

Reservations Required

  • Axe throwing coach
  • Mon-Tue for 2 hours only
  • Parties of 8 or more

Rage Room

$25.00/ person

Reservations Required

  • Feel the exhilaration for 15 minutes
  • Smash your stress
  • Breakables are an additional fee

Reservations will now include an 18% Gratuity, to be added to the total cost of the session.



Let out your inner rage

Experience the therapeutic effects of our Rage Room. Enjoy smashing different items into oblivion and feel the stress melt away!

Wreck Stuff